Terastation RITGL: Enhanced Firmware 1.16


The Terastation RI-TGL lacks of a telnet service in order to be accessed for administration purpose.
Also the access rights are limited to « admin » which has not enough right.
  1. Telnet service activated
  2. root password identical to admin password (but only functional via « su -« 
  3. call in initialization phase to hdparm (9.3) with -S 0 dedicated to Seagate Green 2T disks (prevent for numerous disks errors)


A firmware upgrade program was used in order to add the missing services and access rights.
The firmware contain a file system image, that can be extracted and recomposed.
The initializations scripts (/etc/init.d/rcS) was modified in order to start telnetd and add a root access with the same password as the admin user.


Use the file TS-RIGL_101-116_root.zip

And upgrade the firmware.